The 2nd Annual Air Quality & Noise Control is coming


FPI will present this conference along with its environmental monitoring systems, in coming November 23-24 2016 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

About The 2nd Annual Air Quality & Noise Control

***Air pollution is the world's largest single environmental health risk. Unprecedented infrastructure activities, industrialization and heavy traffic are the main threats which increase the risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Indoor air pollution is often overlooked and can sometimes present a greater health risk than the outdoor, considering that we spend 90% of time inside buildings. As per studies from EPA, 50% of all illnesses is caused by polluted indoor air.

The application of green architecture is expected to improve indoor air quality, with a special focus being given to retrofitting the existing buildings. The emphasis is also placed on increasing the number of electric powered vehicles and cars using bio-fuels in order to improve air quality in the UAE and the region.

Noise-monitoring stations have been installed across the UAE to control the sound level in the cities. Restrictions were imposed on working hours and the type of equipment for industries.

In support of the National Agendas across the GCC countries towards promoting higher quality of life in a cleaner environment, a number of initiatives have taken place to monitor air pollution and noise levels. Governments’ tightening regulations set grounds for improved air quality and noise control in the Gulf area.

Following the successful launch of the Air Quality & Noise Control conference last year, the event takes off again in Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi on 23 & 24 November 2016, bringing environmental experts from government, industry, transport, hospitality and healthcare sector. While expanding to the GCC, we also bring new topics to discuss, such as indoor air quality, eco-friendly transport, and industrial impact.***

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